Text Marketing for Business

connecting with your audience in a highly personal way

Course Summary

Looking to improve your connection with your customers? Your team? Your prospects? Text marketing has a 98% readability rate - WAY better than the social media giants. You WANT to be sure you are using this tool in your digital marketing plan. This course will arm you with a solid foundation and strategy to make this one of your most effective tools in your business.

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Chalisa Hagan

Director, JBloom

Text marketing allows me to stay connected with my clients far past social media. in fact, it helps me connect with customers who don't use social media! Texts are read much faster than any social media post is seen and so I love being able to connect in this way. I love that it gives me another tool in my aresenal and not have all my eggs in the social media basket. It helps me continue to serve my customers well.

I’ve received bookings for my direct sales business, orders, and great followup consistently in my almost 2 years of using it. People doesn’t always want others to know their shopping habits.

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Social Tech Team

What a JOY it is for us to serve you! The internet is highly competitive so we are THRILLED to have you here checking us out. We are two friends that met in direct sales. We are kindred spirits! We geek out over technology and see the value it has in our businesses. But we also recognize that technology is something you have to learn, keep up with, and continue to learn. As moms of kids, we know that to be a VERY TRUE reality! So we have partnered up – pulling our brains, our skills, our education, and trainings together – to provide the HOW-TO’s in the technology | social media | marketing world for all of our direct selling industry friends and the “solopreneur” community! We are helping all of you with trainings covering the social giants (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc), apps for your Apple or Android devices to help in your business, content ideas, traditional marketing (direct mail, advertising, email marketing – still relevant). You also can find help on basic technology questions (speed up my internet, clearing cookies, databases, and more).

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1Peter 4:10

We look forward to serving you
Deb Raley & Becca Perry