Top 5 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

5 things NOT to do when posting on your social media accounts

Pay close attention to these mistakes. You might need to make some changes. We all have room to improve, so don't beat yourself up too much. But, we want you to do your VERY BEST and post your VERY BEST. We don't want you to copy what others are doing because they may be doing it wrong. This blog post is to help you identify where you can improve and where you might need to make changes, ask for help, or invest in training.

Top 5 Mistakes:

  1. Posting inconsistently & without intention - if you skip creating a plan and post consistently, say goodbye to increased reach and engagement
  2. Creating one-size-fits-all content - each platform and audience speaks its own language and has features that work exclusively for that platform. Cross-share some but keep most posts original.
  3. The hard sale - social media is firstly...SOCIAL. Your followers want to be educated, informed, and entertained long before being sold too. The service before the sale approach works best.
  4. Out-of-date - this is the generation that appreciates fresh and new content. If your content is pixelated or otherwise obviously dated, change it up! This includes photos of you!
  5. Tagging people - people appreciate their privacy. Avoid tagging others without permission when it comes to products they've purchased. Avoid tagging others unless it is exceptionally important or in case they asked to be alerted about a product or promotion. Only tag someone if you know with certainty that they want the information or they're actually in the image.

People are making these mistakes every day. So, seeing someone else doing it doesn't make it the right thing to do. Stay connected with us and we'll lead you in the right direction. That's our promise to you.

Cheering for you, Becca & Deb

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