The Ultimate Facebook Checklist for Your Business

Optimize what you are doing to make it easier for people to know, like, and trust you.

Having your business set up correctly on Facebook is a big step in keeping your account glitch-free (or less glitchy) when you are trying to run a business. Once you are set with your business page, you also need to pay attention to your personal account, so you are directing your friends and any potential customers to the right place to find your business - we (Becca & Deb) have NOT done business with some people because we couldn't find their FB pages or websites. Remember that your bio (personal and business) is like your business card. It's how people find you then know how to connect with your business. 

This is a simple place to start in writing your bio. You should be able to simply fill in this statement:" I do/provide _________ to ________ SO THAT ________."

Use this checklist to get things in order on your business page. If you don't have a page or need help, you should consider joining our Social Tech Academy, where we help answer your FB questions & much more!

Now let's talk about your content. Creating valuable content that connects with your ideal customer is super important. If you post random things, that ideal person may not slow down long enough to pay attention. You'll want to do live videos to help your page get noticed by potential customers. If you can go live at the same time/day every week or month, that's even better. Here are some content ideas to help you get & stay on track. 

If you struggle with creating content, we provide a free monthly content calendar to our Social Tech Academy members. It saves so much time & you can even schedule it out, so you don't have to decide day-by-day what to post. Maybe you should join us to see if it's for you.😉

Getting your Facebook cleaned up and well-prepared will allow you to make more connections because it's clear what you do and whom you serve. No more wishy-washy posts. No more losing potential followers because your business isn't represented on your personal profile. Serve others well, and you will go far in this business!!!

xo, Becca & Deb

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