Meta is Shutting Down Creator Studio

Meta is merging two of its business management tools

Meta is reportedly pushing Facebook Creator Studio users to use its Business Suite instead, incorporating insights, scheduling, messaging, and more. The change is good and makes sense once you learn your way around.

"We're actively working to bring Meta's creator tools together in one place," the company said and has a help page covering the tools that are set to reside within the Meta Business Suite.

Meta says that users can switch back to Creator Studio, but soon, that option will no longer be available. We recommend making the switch and committing to learning your way around. Why wait? While we haven't uncovered when this switch will be permanent, the Business Suite is useful for small business owners. We think you will love it.

In our Social Tech Academy, we gave a complete tour of the Meta Business Suite so our members could learn about it and how to use it in their businesses. If you'd like access to those trainings, CLICK HERE.

Meta Business Suite allows users to manage any qualified Facebook and Instagram pages with the tools for creating and scheduling posts, stories, ads, and private messaging with followers. Crossposting is a helpful feature in the Suite as well. Insights are also available, and the company said, "You can access all of your content and data when you switch."

Like anything new, it takes some getting used to. Learning your way around will help you as you start using the Business Suite to manage your accounts.

Meta Business Suite can be accessed online (on your computer) or via the app on your mobile device.

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