How to Get More Video Views & Engagement

Being able to put a face with a business will help customers will feel more connected to you.

Video serves as an effective marketing tool but recently has become more crucial than ever on Instagram with their short-form videos. Direct sellers have an opportunity to become more creative with how they show up through fun, helpful, and engaging videos. With over 1 billion users, Instagram could be a place you need to hang out IF your ideal customer is also hanging out there. Don’t know….just ask them!

Here’s a list to help you improve your video efforts, and in turn, help you drive even more sales.

  1. Use all types of videos available - While Reels are currently a popular trend on Instagram, we can’t forget all of the other opportunities to get yourself out there on this platform! Instagram currently offers three other ways to incorporate video - Stories, Long-Form Videos (IGTVs), and Live streams (which you can save to camera roll and post as an IGTV). Stories can be whatever you want them to be and according to Instagram, increase your chances to be on the explore page more if you post them consistently. Many people love using them for a “day in the life” or “behind the scenes” of what's going on in their business. It’s a great place to connect with CURRENT followers. These ideas are a great way to make your customers feel involved and connected to your brand.
  2. Be concise & helpful - IGTVs must be over a minute long and require a little more planning, but don’t let that deter you! With our ever-shrinking attention spans, viewers tend to lose interest in longer videos if they aren’t highly informative and interesting. The key point here is to make sure you have a strong hook in the first few seconds of the video. Example: Three Ways to Style a White Tee. This is the most important part of the video as this will determine whether the viewer will stay or leave. You should include a title so your readers know what your video is about before they even start watching. The main point is to be clear and concise in your messaging right from the start. Tell them what you’ll be talking about, then get right to it!
  3. Show your face - Putting a face to an account name will help customers feel more connected to you. Don’t hide behind your products…that will actually hurt your business. The saying that humans seek other human connections is true. However, this isn’t just in person. You can create those connections using face-to-camera video. The more you do it, the better (and less self-conscious) you’ll become. Instagram & Facebook stories are where your current followers will see you, so talk to them like you would if they were sitting there with you having coffee (or tea).
  4. Add Text or Subtitles - According to Forbes, “80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available. 50% of consumers say captions are important because they watch videos with the sound off.” Be sure to turn on closed captioning if you post an IGTV (just before posting, scroll down to advance settings > turn on autogenerate captions). Instagram also now has captions for stories (it's a sticker but not all accounts have this feature). Even short little “phrases” displayed over the video will allow your viewer to stay engaged through the duration of your video. If you’ll be using IG Reels, using text to keep your viewers' attention (not every word but the main point). Be sure to use fonts and colors that are readable.

Are you currently using video in your social media strategy? If not, it is time to start. Stand out in your industry by using video CONSISTENTLY! If you need some help in this area, subscribe to our YouTube channel or browse through our free videos on Instagram account or Facebook Page

xo, Becca & Deb

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