8 Things to Do to Wake Up Your Facebook Group

Do you have a Facebook group for your business? Is it always the same few people connecting? Let's wake up the rest. Try these 8 tips.

Facebook - sometimes we call it Flakebook, Spacebook, or Fakebook. It sure gives us fits. We are sure it does you as well. Organic reach is either decreasing or increasing, depending on who you are talking to. 

Many small businesses have both a business group and a business page (they serve different purposes) and most of their engagement happens in their groups. But even those groups sometimes struggle with growing the engagement. I'm not talking about growing the group - that is a different blog. We are talking about engagement growth - not just the same handful of members that participate. 

Here are 8 things to try in your Facebook group. Give it some time and effort and let us know if you are finding success in any of these. Good luck building those relationships!


    8 Steps to Wake Up your Facebook Group

    1. Reward your members and recognize new members. 
      1. plan to post weekly a welcome to your new members (tag them). The more you can make it a fun post, the better. Encourage them to introduce themselves in the comments and encourage other members to welcome them. 
      2. Activate the 'badges' in your group so those members can be recognized as the Conversation Stater, the Greeter, the Storyteller, etc. Also, a good idea to bring them 'up to the stage' and highlight them.
    2. Host FUN contests and giveaways (just be sure you are following the Facebook guidelines on this).
      1. examples: Have them post a pic of 3 ingredient recipe (could be food, could be style, could be cleaning steps, etc - no more than 3 ingredients needed). If in the beauty lane, try asking to show their 4 ingredient make over or 4 ingredient skin care.

    3. Go LIVE - discuss the pain points and offer solutions
    4. Change up your content format - are you always posting pictures? Change it up! Use all the tools (this way you can start to see what they really respond to!) - Video, polls, fill in the blank, multiple choice, Q&A, etc.
    5. Post when they are most active!
    6. Reshare content that you previously posted that was successful!
    7. Change your cover image the first of each month and have an impactful description.
    8. Have a value - add post with a downloadable tool, guide, etc (different each month) that is a pinned post and can act as your email magnet to capture leads. 

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